March 2017

Spring has sprung in the DC area and as usual you never know what the weather will be when you step out the door. I’ve always loved March in the DC area not just because it brings longer and warmer days but also because there are so many exciting things around the area during this time.

Although Cherry Blossoms, charity walks and ducks are very exciting, my favorite thing is the spring Real Estate market and this year looks like it’s going to be a doozy. The DC area (especially after a new president moves in) always has a fast market once the weather warms up, but this year seems even more exciting than usual. Houses are moving quickly and I suspect there will be a lot more volume over the next 6 weeks. I’m prepping several clients to get their houses on the market and expect we’ll see a lot of interest. If you’re looking for a home, now is the time to get out there!!

In addition to the hopping market, the Cherry Blossoms are blooming quickly this year. The Peak Bloom period is expected to be from March 14 th through the 17 th . For those who may not know the Tidal Basin Cherry Trees were a gift from Japan to the United States in 1912. They bloom annually and DC has multiple activities which surround the blossoms arrival. If you want more information about the festivities, take a look at the National Cherry Blossom Festival webpage.

Walks!! I love to walk once the weather gets warm (not too warm of course!). One of my favorite things to do is combine my walking with supporting one of my favorite charities. I support the Loudoun Lyme organization by participating in their 5K and this year I’ll be joining them for their 7 th annual walk on May 7 th . This charity is near and dear to my heart since I contracted Lyme’s disease in the mid 90’s and spent months trying to diagnose and combat the symptoms. Per the Loudoun Lyme organization, I am one of many people “Lyme disease is growing at four times the rate of AIDS and is quickly becoming our nation’s most misdiagnosed and fastest-growing infectious disease. Estimates state that only one out of every ten cases of Lyme disease is reported and that many people are misdiagnosed.  Over 38,000 cases reported by the CDC in 2009 are more likely estimated to represent over 380,000 cases.”. If you are looking for a great cause and a fun walk, please join me.

For those who know me well, you know that I have a female duck that arrives in the early spring to lay her eggs and hatch her babies in my enclosed courtyard. My family has had the privilege of watching her over the last several years and the arrival of “Ms. Duck” each year is a highly-anticipated event. I have seen her come and go several times over the last couple of weeks but so far, she hasn’t stayed for any length of time. I suspect she will start making her nest soon and I can’t wait to see how many ducklings we have this year!